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Grow, preserve, and protect your wealth with expert advice from ELO CPAs & Advisors. We offer comprehensive planning and a wide variety of financial services to assist you in reaching your financial goals and retirement expectations. ELO CPAs & Advisors has partnered with RIA Advisory Group to meet all your wealth management needs.


We also provide a key and distinct advantage that you cannot find at any of the well-known financial services companies - we can connect the investment strategy within your financial planning goals directly to your tax planning needs to ensure all tax strategies are utilized. Whether tax-loss harvesting, tax diversification or tax savings, we work to minimize your tax exposure. Why not keep more of your earnings, ELO CPAs & Advisors can help make that a reality.


The time is now to call our Wealth Management team to start saving money and taxes. 

Our Wealth Management Services Include:
Asset Management
  • Custom Portfolio Management

  • Separately Managed Accounts

  • Retirement Planning, Estate Planning and insurance Planning

  • Small Business 401(k) Plans

  • Solo (k), SEP & SIMPLE

  • Tradtional and ROTH plans

  • 529 Plans

Advisory/Brokerage Services
  • Individual Securities

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

  • Mutual Funds

  • CDs/Bonds

  • No load, no surender low cost variable annuities

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I invest in during these uncertain times?

This is not only a common question but a difficult one to blanketly answer. There is much more here to consider. First of all, until you have all the facts, stay the course. Even though your portfolio has decreased in value, you haven’t necessarily lost out until or unless you actually cash in the investment. Markets will vary over time and they will fluctuate even more during extreme times. However, if you look over history, they rebound with more certain times. What we should do is use this time to gather all the information and determine what we have and what we need to get to where we want. This varies by age, employment status, resources and future plans (what we want retirement to look like). Similar to when you map out a road trip, we need to map out our own future. Financial planning is a must to ensure you get to your destination.

Should I cash in my retirement plan?

Of course, this is a personal question to each situation, but overall, it should be used as a last resort for various reasons. If you are under 59 1/2, there will a 10% penalty along with income tax on the distribution. If you are over 59 ½, there is no penalty but there is income tax. If you are on social security, it can likely cause more of your social security to be taxable if you take a large distribution. Outside of the taxability, there are other reasons to avoid cashing in a retirement plan. Generally speaking, once the retirement plan is cashed, it is often not reinvested for and kept for the future as it was originally intended. It is often cashed to spend on current needs or wants. Therefore, leaving less available during retirement years. Retirement funds earn tax free, so the earnings are important to help the fund grow and be available for retirement.

I don’t trust the stock market.

This is more of a statement than a question but it needs to be considered as part of an overall plan. Interest rates are not keeping up with inflation so the risk needs to be calculated. There are many different stock, bonds or funds to invest in. Your personal risk tolerance is a large factor in what is right for you. Diversification is also important. There is a lot of truth in “don’t put all your eggs in the same basket”.

How can ELO help with my financial investments?

ELO has partnered with an affiliate to help our clients get the financial advice and guidance they need. It is a partnership so we can help with the overall life financial plan and help work through what is best for each individual.

How much should I put into my employer’s retirement plan?

First and foremost be sure to put into the retirement plan what it takes to get the employer match. If your employer matches up to 3%, then be sure to put in 3%. If you make a practice of increasing the percentage amount into retirement each year as you get annual increases, you will be putting away for retirement without missing the income. Be sure to pay attention to the rules and regulations of the retirement account along with periodic review of how it is invested.

Advisory services offered through RIA Advisory Group LLC, A Registered Investment Advisor.

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As a Partner, Pam Olinger is the licensed leader of ELO CPAs & Advisors' wealth management practice, and she has more than 20 years of entity, trust and estate tax experience. She and her investment team have the experience, knowledge, strategies and resources to help you maximize your investment returns and reduce your tax burden. Do not hesitate to contact Pam today! 



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