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We offer comprehensive accounting support for all your business’s financial needs. Our team has expertise in QuickBooks, bookkeeping, payroll, financial reporting, quarterly and year-end tax preparation and budgeting. ELO CPAs & Advisors can efficiently and effectively work with you and your team for everything from training your staff to providing ongoing support.

We assist hundreds of business with their day-to-day accounting. If you need help getting control of your business's finances and accounting department, call on us today to discuss the solutions that will work best for your unique business needs. 

Transactional – Our transactional services— complemented by leading desktop and cloud-based software—are designed to efficiently handle your core accounting functions so you can spend more time growing your business. Transactional services include billing and invoicing, general ledger maintenance, bank account reconciliation, expense management, payroll processing, and month-end close preparation.


Reporting and Analytics – We provide timely reporting and analysis on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis to give you a clear picture of your finances and operations. This allows you to make smart decisions backed by data. Our capabilities include providing governmental, compliance, and financial statement reporting, creating customized dashboards, assisting with budgeting and forecasting, and more.


Advisory – If you are in need of senior-level finance and accounting expert, our consulting practice is led by a CFO with more than 20 years of CFO experience. We can provide strategic CFO advisory services designed to identify and capitalize on opportunities to improve your business. Services include cash flow management, financial and operational assessments, market analyses, and financial modeling.

Accounting Support Includes:

  • Full-service, day-to-day accounting services

  • QuickBooks setup, consulting, training & support

  • QuickBooks software 3rd party integration

  • Payroll processing, quarterly payroll tax returns, W-2s/1099s

  • Financial statements

  • Budgeting

  • Interim financial statements 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the pros for switching from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?

There are several Pros, and here are a few of them:

  • Backups are no longer necessary, all information is stored securely on the Cloud
  • Can access QuickBooks file from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Automatic bank downloads with most banks (please refer to our office with questions on specific banks)
  • You can download the mobile app and take picture of receipts on the go and add them to QuickBooks Online

Where can I purchase QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online?

We have several staff who are certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors which means you can purchase QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions directly from our office as well as set up QuickBooks Online Self-Employed, Essentials, Plus or Advance subscriptions through us and receive a discount compared to retail pricing through Intuit if you purchased on your own.

I am an ag-employer, what payroll related forms am I supposed to file?

All ag-employers will need to file an Annual Form 943 along with Forms W-2/W-3 at year-end. Depending on the size of your payroll, you may be required to file state unemployment reports on a quarterly basis, file federal unemployment at year-end and/or make payroll tax payments throughout the year via EFTPS.gov. Contact our office for more information on determining your requirements.

I am getting an error message when running my QuickBooks file, do I need to contact Intuit directly, or do you offer QuickBooks support?

We have several staff members with extensive knowledge of troubleshooting QuickBooks issues. We have the ability to establish a remote connection with you and work in the file together to locate and resolve the error. We also have numerous resources at Intuit to escalate your issue if necessary.

I’m receiving a message that my QuickBooks Desktop will stop being supported, what does this mean?

Several years ago, QuickBooks decided that if you had a payroll subscription or utilized the bank feeds process within QuickBooks, they would only support the three latest versions. In May of every year, the 4th newest version will stop working for payroll and bank feeds functions and you will need to purchase a new version of QuickBooks Desktop to upgrade. Contact our office to upgrade to the latest version.

I’m tired of hand-written timesheets from my employees and having to calculate payroll hours each pay period, how can I make this process more efficient?

We partner with TSheets by Intuit to bring our clients a Cloud-based solution for time-keeping and attendance. This includes mobile, kiosk, and desktop computer capabilities for employees to use for clocking in and out. It also syncs with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online to make for a more stream-lined payroll process.

I am new to QuickBooks and am setting up a new name. I’m unsure of whether to use Vendors, Customer, or Other Name. What should I do?

Customers within QuickBooks are those from whom you receive money from or invoice for your product/services. Vendors are those to whom you pay for product or services for your business and may also need to receive a 1099 at year-end for services provided. The Other Name option within QuickBooks should be used with caution as you have very limited options for running reports and tracking information for this type of name. When possible, Customer or Vendors should be selected.

My QuickBooks Desktop file is no longer calculating and taking out payroll taxes from my paychecks, how do I fix this?

There could be several different reasons but the most common being that you haven’t downloaded any recent payroll updates. Intuit has recently implemented that if you skip too many attempts at a payroll update, they will stop calculating tax until the update is ran. To run a payroll update within your file, go to File, Employees, Get Payroll Updates, and verify that Entire Payroll Update is selected and choose Updated Now. After payroll update has successfully finished, try re-running your payroll. Please contact our office if this does not resolve your issue.

My business is starting to really take off, and I’m not longer able to keep up with the daily and monthly tasks involved with maintaining my business accounting records. What services do you offer to assist in the process?

We can be as hands-on or hands-off in the process as you need us to be. We offer monthly services such as monthly bank and credit card reconciliations, sales tax filings and interim financial statement preparation. We can also assist you in more of the day-to-day activities such as payroll processing, accounts payable or bill paying services, and accounts receivable.

Who should I be sending a 1099 to?

A 1099 should be sent to anyone whom you paid at least $600 or more via cash or check for services provided to your trade or business within the course of a calendar year. Payments made via credit or debit card should not be included. Payments made to corporations should also not be included unless they are to a lawyer or veterinarian. You should request a form W-9 from anyone that provides you a service throughout the year before issuing payments to them.

I receive a letter from the IRS stating that I am now a semi-weekly depositor, what does this mean?

This means you have reached a total tax liability of over $50,000 in the previous 4-quarter lookback period and now must begin making payroll tax payments electronically after each pay period. The due date of each payment will vary based on your payroll check date. For semiweekly schedule depositors, if the payroll checks are dated Wednesday through Friday, the payroll tax deposit is due the following Wednesday. If payroll checks are dated Saturday through Tuesday, they are due that Friday. If your payroll tax liability for one pay period exceeds $100,000, you must make your payroll tax deposit the next business day.

I’m using QuickBooks Desktop and had a payment deducted from by bank account via ACH, how do I record this? I don’t see an electronic payment option.

You will want to use the Write Checks feature within QuickBooks to record payments whether made via ACH or check. On the No. line, please insert “ACH” rather than using a check number to indicate this payment was processed electronically. When record debit card payments, you can use “Debit” in the No. line.

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