Business services designed for those in public service.

ELO CPAs & Advisors' government financial experts understand the needs and requirements of state and local government entities. From unique funding sources and spending limitations to strict reporting and compliance regulations, we will provide you the knowledge, documentation and facts to balance the needs of all interested parties.


Our accountants and financial service providers work closely with you to create actionable financial strategies and creative solutions so you can accomplish your mission. We work with a wide variety of government entities, municipalities, tribal organizations and school districts of all sizes.


Our governmental experience goes far beyond accounting and auditing services. ELO CPAs & Advisors can provide a complete package of business services to help your entity manage risk, protect your funds and provide you consistent and constant service. 


We work with a variety of government entities including:

  • Local governments

  • Public school districts

  • Indian reservation boards

  • Private K-12 schools

  • Private universities

Our Services:
Performances & Profitability
  • Financial forecast and analysis

  • Restructuring

  • Fund analysis

  • Forensic analysis

  • Benchmark comparisons 

Strategy & Management
  • Strategic planning

  • Internal control reviews and design

  • Fraud risk assessment

  • Budget planning and development

Compliance & Assurance
  • Financial statement audits, including Yellow Book and Single Audits

  • Employee benefit plan audits

  • Agreed upon procedures

Client Accounting Services & Other Outsources Services
  • Part-time CFO and consulting services

  • Outsourced finance and business office services

  • Complete payroll management services

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any recommendations for improvements in operations or internal controls?

There would not be a specific answer to this question as each organization is unique. As part of the audit process, ELO reviews the organization’s internal controls and other processes. Recommendations are made to management as to any deficiencies in systems or processes along with recommendations for improvements in those areas. ELO can also be engaged to conduct a detailed review of your internal controls and/or a fraud risk assessment that provides a more focused analysis of those areas.

What does the Uniform Guidance mean to me in managing federal programs?

ELO has a dedicated team of professionals whose expertise is related to federal program management and auditing. They provide our clients with information on changes in the management of federal programs that impact the clients we serve. In addition, we provide information related to any compliance requirement changes to the programs that you administer.

Contact Rebecca

for more information

As a Senior Audit Associate, Rebecca Lolling provides focused audit services for governmental entities, such as schools, cities, and more. If you have questions or need assistance, Rebecca is the person that can support you with your state and local government needs. 



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