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Kind words from the clients that we serve.

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"Just like any other business, it is all about relationships and what you can do for me.  ELO has done a great job of building that relationship of trust and offering many services to me and my businesses on top of that.  ELO has earned my trust, and they provide great advice and I value that advice deeply."

Terry Wieting, Managing Partner

Max Nutrition, LLC & Dak Pak, LLC

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"There is probably nothing that ELO has not seen or handled when it comes to Accounting & Auditing.  Their broad spectrum of knowledge and speed of service is unmatched.  When we need them, they can provide the support quickly and accurately which is important with our diverse and ever-changing businesses." 

Kevin Johnson, Managing Partner

KAJ Hospitality

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"ELO sets themselves apart from other accounting services through their professionalism, integrity and openness. They are always willing to sit down and explain their work and provide guidance on how to maintain the financial health of our agency.  They have earned our trust and business by consistently and efficiently producing high quality work that is accurate and organized." 

Sarah Shoffner, Executive Director

Family Services, Inc.

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"Stehly Farms has entrusted ELO with our accounting and tax preparation for 40 years. Most of my friends in the business world do as well. They are experts at staying up to date on the ever-changing and always complex tax code. Managing our tax burden has always been a priority at our business and we feel fortunate to have had ELO with us all these years and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Gene & Craig Stehly, Owners

Stehly Farms

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"ELO is very responsive and provide solid opinions, and they are always up to date with any and all changes that happen in our businesses. I have used ELO for 30 years and will continue to use them because of their high level of knowledge and service.  Their staff is very professional and friendly and ready to help you when you need it." 

Scott Larson, Owner

Custom Touch Homes & Larson Ventures, LLC

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"ELO has a particularly good understanding of ag business and farm economics earned through years of “hands on” experience.  They recognize the obstacles involved in family-owned farm businesses and have a well-rounded staff when it comes to financial knowledge." 

John Mayclin, Owner

Mayclin Farms

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"Puetz Design+Build has worked with ELO CPAs for as long as I can remember.  Their team is professional, knowledgeable, prompt, and proactive.  We have a great trust in their company, and we enjoy working with them.  I would recommend ELO to any entity needing quality tax, audit, and client financial advising services.  I am extremely impressed with ELO’s team and their grasp of accounting, finance, and government legislation."

Mark Puetz, 3rd-Generation Owner/President/CEO

Puetz Corporation

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"ELO is terrific to work with. When you call with a question, they find the answer and get this…they actually return your call and have an answer for you.  What we really like is, that even though ELO is a larger firm, we always work with the same “Team”.  That just makes life a lot easier for us.  ELO is made up of a group of true professionals who are really good at what they do - the entire staff is just so knowledgeable and helpful." 

Frank & Chris Krohmer, Owners

Krohmer Plumbing, Inc.

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"An extremely high level of confidence is why we feel so secure in choosing the services provided by ELO.  Through the years, they have demonstrated to us they can handle all of our tax, accounting and advisory needs in addition to offering just sound business advice. It is all about relationships.  We feel no hesitation about calling or emailing them with any question or issue – big or small.  They always take the necessary time to fully answer all our questions with considerate explanations." 

The Doctors at Dakota Vision Center

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"ELO has proven to be reliable, knowledgeable and timely.  They have a large group with varying areas of expertise and have consistently been able to assist with the most serious and complex issues to the quick questions.  ELO has provided reliable accounting services to MorganTheeler LLP for decades.  They continue to improve their level of service and are always available to provide needed guidance and answers." 

Timothy Bottum, Managing Partner

MorganTheeler LLP

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"We have been with ELO since we founded the business in 2002.  They have grown with us over the years. They have always provided us good, objective advice that has helped us grow and be successful.  The relationship goes beyond the business – they genuinely care about us as individuals.  They are large enough to have the depth for our business needs, yet small enough to give us the personal attention we want.  They do a good job of keeping us informed about the rapidly changing tax laws and the ever-changing economic environment.  I always feel they give advice that is right for us and not right for them." 

Larry Thompson, CEO & Chad Glanzer, President

Vantage Point Solutions, Inc.

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"They know my business inside and out, and they never fail to meet my requirements. Plus I thrive on long lasting relationships, and they continue to improve their business and breadth of knowledge which is very important to my company. Also, their high level of integrity comes to mind.  At the end of the day, you can lay your head on your pillow, and not worry if the job is done right and nobody is going to jail." 

Martin T. Hill, Founder

Precision Machined Parts, Inc.

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"In one word, this is why we use ELO CPAs & Advisors for our tax, audit and advisory services – Competence!  They always do what they say they will do, and that is very important to us."


Rob Haddock, Founder/CEO

Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd. DBA S-5

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"We appreciate working with ELO CPAs & Advisors as we share the common goal of helping our clients achieve financial success. Their technological capabilities make it easier for the customers, the bank and all parties involved. ELO CPAs & Advisors are professional and knowledgeable, and we appreciate their continued partnership in putting our mutual clients first." 

Ryan Huber, Regional President

BankWest Inc.

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"We choose ELO for their accuracy, their integrity, and the friendly staff who help us navigate the complexity of the ever-changing laws and tax codes that impact our bottom line.  ELO is big enough to serve you, but small enough to know you.  With a local office, but access to a larger network of expertise from other branches means never having to wait long for the right answers.  Your business and its accounting needs are too precious to be left to chance…ELO is a proven winner that will take care of the things you don’t have the time or training to do yourself."


Kevin Corcoran, President/CEO

Allied Midwest Merchandisers, Inc.

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