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Emma Breland

Associate | Client Accounting Services

Miller office

114 East 3rd St Miller, SD 57362

Phone: 605-853-2682
Fax: 605-853-2710



Outsource Accounting (CAS)
Quickbooks Implementation & Training;Agribusiness Assurance
Farm Business Management & Consulting






Associate of Applied Science - Business Accounting
Lake Area Technical College
Watertown, SD




What do you do and how do you make an impact for others? 

I enjoy being able to reach out to my clients and learn more about them through their businesses. I believe working in the CAS department helps take an extra load off our clients hands.

What are your hobbies? 

One of my favorite hobbies is going on razor rides with my family. We love being outdoors and being able to spend time together means a lot to me.

What advice do you have for prospective employees of ELO?

If you are willing to learn new things and step out of your comfort zone a little bit, ELO is a great place to work. They make sure you are doing everything you want to be doing and will get you the training you need for anything new you may want to try.

What have you gained from working at ELO?

ELO has showed me what a great work environment looks like. Everyone is willing to help each other out to make sure goals are being met. ELO also makes sure nobody feels like they are drowning in work - and if they are, people pitch in to help take some of that burden off our coworker. There is a ton of communication between all offices which really helps make sure everyone is on the same page.

What are three words to describe ELO?

Reliable, Supportive, Engaging .

What is your favorite sport and/or favorite team to watch?

My favorite sport to watch is volleyball. My favorite teams are the Miller Rustlers and Kansas State Wildcats.

What's on your bucket list?

I would love to travel somewhere out of the country. As of now, I don't have a specific place I would like to visit, but I have never been on a plane and have only visited a couple other states so far. Just traveling more on general is on my bucket list!

What places have you lived?

I lived in Miller SD all of my life, but just recently moved to Highmore at the end of June 2022 to start my family.

What is one place in the world you would love to visit?

I would love to visit Florida. I think it would be so fun to make a trip to Florida to take my daughter and other baby to Disney World.

What's the one thing in life you could not live without?

I could not live without my family! They are my biggest support system and I would be so lost without them!

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