ELO Prof LLC assists businesses and organizations with a variety of consulting services. Creating a business financial plan that keeps your costs low and your profits high can be a difficult thing to do. The objective of ELO’s consultative services is to assist client relationships in analyzing, communicating and attaining financial goals and objectives, both personally and professionally, and to build these services on the foundation of a ‘trusted advisor relationship’.  We provide value-based consultative services built upon technical knowledge, practical experience, and inter-personal communication skills.  With our services, our experienced team can help direct your business towards better operations, help strengthen management-employee relationships, and help create an effective estate planning for transitioning your business.

ELO Prof LLC’s consulting services can help you improve your business’s performance by providing information and expert advice. The qualified team at ELO Prof LLC can help you create a business financial plan, help enhance your business’s operations, help create strategic planning, and more. The consulting services at ELO Prof LLC can help you refine your existing human resources practices and programs to achieve maximum results and better working relationships. When it comes to consulting services, many businesses and business owners will also look to a respected accounting firm to help them establish a business financial plan and estate plan that keeps the business moving into the future.

Our deep expertise and resources at ELO Prof LLC span across many business areas and our consulting services are specifically designed to help you solve your problem, grow your business and generate significant value from our relationship. From recommending more efficient and effective procedures to finalize month end, to facilitating off-site strategic business meetings, to recommending proven business ideas to help improve working capital and creating a sound business financial plan, the value-based consulting services team at ELO Prof LLC can provide value.

Estate and Gift Planning

  • Transfer of business equity Interests
  • Trusts or alternative entity structures
  • Family/Philanthropic considerations
  • Long-term tax considerations

Succession and Exit Planning

  • Family organizations
  • Internal management/employees
  • Competitor interests or outside third parties
  • Buy-sell and non-compete agreements
  • Long-term tax considerations

Strategic Business Planning

  • Reporting systems
  • Production cost controls
  • Revenue and profit margins
  • Labor costs and efficiencies
  • Overhead identification and management
  • Risk management considerations

We think about your business almost as much as you do, so we can offer proactive business planning ideas that will improve operations and profitability.

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Chamberlain Office 605-234-6055

Huron Office 605-352-8573

Miller Office 605-853-2130

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