At ELO Prof LLC, we recognize that community leaders and staff in the not-for-profit industry spend countless hours of hard work to help their respective organizations survive and enrich the community. From collecting donations and training volunteers to organizing projects and implementing strategies, the hard work that goes into a not-for-profit organization is often overlooked. Many organizations focus on their mission to the community while not-for-profit accounting and bookkeeping concerns become secondary concerns. Many not-for-profit organizations turn to a CPA firm that is specialized in the industry to help ease the burdens associated with not-for-profit accounting needs. ELO Prof LLC has a special team dedicated to helping not-for-profit organizations facilitate their financial management and refine their not-for-profit strategic plan.

We recognize that the main task of the not-for-profit industry is to facilitate services within the community, not wrestle with bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting. That’s why we at ELO Prof LLC provide not-for-profit accounting, consulting services, and more for our not-for-profit organizations. ELO Prof LLC supports our local and regional not-for-profits so that they can provide the services and support to our community, which is what they do best. We love our not-for-profit organizations, and we have the skills, resources, and experience to help keep their focus on the community.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has strict guidelines for charity and not-for-profit organizations in regards to filing, maintaining exemption, and reporting. We can help your organization through this process with our not-for-profit accounting services. Is your organization a not-for-profit organization? If it is, then you know what complex questions and not-for-profit accounting issues appear every day. From accounting to tax exemption, filing, and reporting, our value-based services can help your organization. Our qualified and experienced team of experts has a wealth of knowledge in properly addressing each of these issues. Contact our team today and see how ELO Prof LLC can help you with your not-for-profit accounting needs.

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