Our staff comprises qualified experts who have experience in providing accounting services in a wide variety of industries. Working together as a team, ELO Prof LLC, Certified Public Accountants can help you no matter what industry you’re a part of. The wide range of industries in South Dakota is part of what makes us so great, and we have the experience and the knowledge to help clients with accounting services that meet their financial needs.


Farming and ranching are what South Dakota is known for. The family agribusinesses of South Dakota are essential to the state and surrounding areas.   Not only does agribusiness supply the state and surrounding regions with a food source, but it is also intricately tied to the health of the economic system for the entire region.

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The construction industry can seem like a rollercoaster at times. It can be volatile, but it can be extremely profitable. Because the construction industry is tied to local, state, and global economies, slight impacts at any level have an effect on the industry. When the economy does poorly, construction projects slow down and the industry seems to come to a crawl.

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The manufacturing industry has changed over the years and, with the ease of online shopping, now is a critical time for our clients in the manufacturing industry.  The decisions you make today can greatly affect the short- and long-term viability of your business.  With competitive pressures and a global economy, the industry is impacted on a minute-to-minute basis, which creates threats and opportunities.

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State and Local GovernmentState and Local Government

All government entities have one thing in common: public service. Entities such as municipalities, school systems, and tribal organizations all need a wide variety of services. They are constantly working with a unique set of goals, and overcoming equally unique obstacles.

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Not-for-Profit OrganizationsNot-for-Profit Organizations

At ELO Prof LLC, we recognize that community leaders and staff in the not-for-profit industry spend countless hours of hard work to help their respective organizations survive and enrich the community. From collecting donations and training volunteers to organizing projects and implementing strategies, the hard work that goes into a not-for-profit organization is often overlooked.

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Employee Benefit PlansEmployee Benefit Plans

As employee benefit plan consultants, ELO Prof LLC is perfectly suited to help employers navigate the ever-changing landscape of employee benefit and pension plans. Our team of employee benefit plan consultants understands the evolving financial, management, compliance, and business accounting issues facing our clients.

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Other IndustriesOther Industries

There are a variety of industries that make up South Dakota, and ELO Prof LLC is here to help your business grow and succeed. With our many years of experience, quality accounting support staff and certified public accountants, and vast knowledge and understanding that covers a variety of industries, our goal is to offer you value-based services while providing problem-solving expertise and quality service.

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At ELO Prof LLC, we pride ourselves on bringing quality services to our customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. From accounting services to business consulting and more, ELO Prof LLC is your premier choice accounting firm. Our experience gives us a thorough and intimate knowledge of best practices and laws relating to your specific industry. Don’t see your industry listed? Don’t worry, we can still help. Call ELO Prof LLC today and see how our accounting services and many other services can help your business succeed in its industry.

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